Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson

I found a mixtape I had made in 1996 dubbed, “the best freakin’ mix tape ever”. I’m not sure I’d agree about that now, but fifteen years ago I sure did like it.

A few things that you can glean from the track list:

Boss Hog

Boss Hog

1. I was a HUGE Shirley Manson fan. Two Garbage tracks and an Angelfish track made it on to the tape. I guess I didn’t have anything by Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie worth putting on here. (That Angelfish tune is pretty awesome, by the way.)

2. I was a big fan of the LA band Lifter. That album was fucking great. I have no idea what happened to them after that album. Seems like I remember reading they broke up. Which might be the truth and might be a lie.

3. Blur.

4. I was more Alternative than Indie, as seen by the overall selections.

5. Hayden’s song “Stem”. This track my be the most beautiful song ever written that is under two minutes long. (See video below.) I still love that album. One of the most lo-fi, depressing, raw-emotion albums of the 1990s.

6. The only thing better than Jon Spencer Blues Explosion? Jon Spencer + Cristina Martinez (his wife) in Boss Hog.

Yeah, there are a few tracks that make me want to go back and slap 1996 me in the face. Time can put some perspective on things. But overall, this is a wonderful snap-shot of me at age 20. Actually, on my actual 20th birthday.

I will give myself a few kudos for using one of those red-tinted clear tapes, however.

the best freakin’ mix tape ever – 08.17.96

side a –
garbage – “sleep”
fiona apple – “sullen girl”
hayden – “stem”
pulp – “something changed”
radiohead – “nice dream”
ruby – “paraffin”
ben harper – “another lonely day”
cracker – “big dipper”
dog’s eye view – “dodge”
amie mann – “all over now”
morphine – “whisper”
lifter – “something borrowed”
blur – “end of a century”

side b –
garbage – “kick my ass”
jane’s additiction – “jane says”
fun lovin’ criminals – “we have all the time in the world”
boss hog – “i dig you”
tool – “sober”
republica – “holly”
the raincoats – “pretty”
the posies – “fight it”
live – “top”
lifter – “402”
angelfish – “sleep with me”
pj harvey – “hardly wait”
blur – “parklife”

Hayden performing “Stem” in 2008.

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