Exclusive Interview: HAIM
January 27, 2013
by Chuck Norton

In the past year, HAIM – the Los Angeles-based trio of sisters – has gone from obscurity to one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in 2013.

It isn’t difficult to understand why the buzz circling the band is so strong. Their incredibly dance-able breakout hit “Forever” is in regular rotation on SiriusXMU and the videos for “Forever” and “Don’t Save Me” have garnered almost three million combined YouTube views to-date. Throw-in the band’s propensity for energetic live performances and it isn’t a surprise that the band signed with major-label icon, Columbia Records, late in 2012.

The sisters – Este, Danielle and Alana – are all multi-instrumentalists, a by-product of growing up playing in a family band. Influenced by a mix of artists ranging from Stevie Nicks to TLC, the band as performed with an equally diverse group of artists ranging from Julian Casabancas and No Age to Ke$ha.

The sisters, all of whom are in their early twenties, have been featured multiple times by Nylon magazine, who not only liked their music, but their style. But it is their music that has thrust them into the conversation of bands mostly-likely to taste stardom this year.

About the band, Alana Haim describe them as having, “… the structure of old-school rock, but the R&B adds the spice.”

The band’s debut album is anticipated to be released in Spring 2013, although no date has been set as-of this writing. The band will be opening for Mumford and Sons on a hand-full of dates in mid-February and it is almost a sure bet that a major tour will be announced in the coming months, if not sooner.

For more information on the band, follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.

DeadJournalist brings you this exclusive interview with Este Haim of HAIM.



From an outside perspective, it seems like 2012 was quite the whirlwind for HAIM. Looking back, how would you describe the last year?

EH: It was one of the craziest years of our lives! We had so much fun.

What made Columbia Records, with whom you signed last month, the right label for you?

EH: We really felt comfortable with all the people that work at Columbia. They get us and what we’re about. It was always a dream of ours to be on Columbia.

Your Forever EP has been quite popular and the buzz around HAIM is strong. Do you find that it causes any added pressure or expectations for the album coming out this Spring?

EH: We’ve always been very focused on putting out things that we back 110-percent, so this record will be no different. We just want to release it ASAP!

Speaking of the album, what is the status of your upcoming LP?

EH: Everything is written, we just have to buckle down now and finish them.

Has a decision been made on which tracks will be on the album? Will any of the songs from the EP will be included?

EH: Once everything is recorded well make a collective decision as to what makes it on the record. But it’s hard to choose, our songs are like our children!

Where do you derive inspiration for your music?

EH: We find inspiration in experiences, whether their our own or our friends, or even people’s experiences that we read about.

Is there a typical format for how you write and record new material?

EH: It’s a very collaborative process. Each of us will bring an idea to the table and then we play around and jam on the initial ideas. After that the song usually just organically comes together.

Because the three of you grew up in a musical family, was being musicians something that you always wanted to do or did you ever think of taking a different path?

EH: Music was always in our lives, so it’s second nature to us. It’s like brushing our teeth in the morning. It’s part of our daily routine.

Are there unique benefits or challenges that come from creating and performing with your siblings?

EH: We get to use our sister ESP.

Which do you prefer more: writing, recording or performing?


How do you feel your songs translate to a live environment?

EH: We tend to rock out a little harder when we play live. We find it way more fun to switch it up live.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

EH: Seeing the world with my sisters! And finally releasing a record.

How active is the band in social media? Who is the primary on-line voice of the band?

EH: Alana is the online guru in the band. She is in charge of anything Internet related.

Is there an artist that you’ve encountered recently that you’ve been recommending to your friends?

EH: All we’ve been listening to lately is Kendrick Lamar and Jesse Ware. Both of those records have been in heavy rotation in the Haim house.

What were you listening to in 2003?

EH: The Love Below – Andre 3000

Which do you prefer: MP3, CD, Tape or Vinyl?

EH: Tape! In my car the only thing that works is the tape player. So that’s all I use to listen to music

What Web site do you read regularly?

EH: Smittenkitchen.com

One Drink. One Album. One Movie.

EH: Thirsty crow. Is this it? (The Stokes). Paris, Tx.

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