Editorials by Chuck Norton (unless otherwise noted)

04.26.16 – Dear Dad

12.21.15 – I Liked A Few Things In ’15?
11.24.15 – What I’m Thankful For ’15
08.21.15 – Remembering Jenni
06.26.15 – Today Is About Respect
06.25.15 – 1995. 2005. 2015. A Lot In Common. Also, Not So Much.
03.16.15 – Happy 9th Birthday, You Old Dot-Com, You
03.07.15 – Editorial: Fatherhood, As It Transitions


12.30.14 – Death Of A Disco Writer (And A Few Things I Liked About 2014)
11.26.14 – What I’m Thankful For In ’14
09.12.14 – Editorial: The Best Month Of My Life (Maybe)
07.12.14 – Editorial; The Linklater Impact
06.25.14 – Editorial: The Last Pound: An Ongoing Struggle
04.05.14 – Editorial: Remembering April 8, 1994
03.04.14 – Editorial: Talker-Dad? Guilty As Charged
02.07.14 – Editorial: On Beck and Morning Phase
01.22.14 – My Bedstuy Bed Diary: Insomnia (by Nicole Brenny)
01.12.14 – Editorial: Thoughts on the Baseball HOF; 1994, 2004 and 2014


12.21.13 – Editorial: A Few Things I Liked In 2013 (Including Jason Isbell)
12.02.13 – Guest Editorial: Faith Without Works (by Jenni Lynne Rowell)
12.01.13 – My Bushwick Food Diary: What Is The Glue That Mends A Broken Heart? (by Nicole Brenny)
11.27.13 Editorial: What I’m Thankful For ’13
11.12.13 Editorial: Braves For The Better
10.08.13 Editorial: When The Goldenrod Begins To Fade
08.20.13 Editorial: Interpreting Life Through Chopping Wood
08.02.13 Editorial: From ‘Nique to Mamadou – My Favorite Atlanta Hawks of the Last 30 Years
07.12.13 Guest Editorial: Music Education Matters (by Lorita Peinado)
06.16.13 Editorial: Happy Father’s Day, Year Three
05.03.13 Guest Editorial: Music, To Me (by Alicia Halm)
04.09.13 Editorial: “Accidental Racist” – Good Intent, Poor Execution


12.30.12 Editorial: A Few Things I Liked In 2012
12.26.12 Editorial: Got A Spare Roadmap?
11.27.12 Editorial: I Was Wrong About The Beltline, But I’m Right About Joe Torre
11.21.12 Editorial: Things I’m Thankful For ’12
11.06.12 Editorial: What Do They Put In Their Byline?
09.06.12 Editorial: Feeling Chipper, One Last Time
08.28.12 Editorial: Worst of All Time! Click Here For Details!
08.17.12 Editorial: My Birthdays Might Have Been Lame – But That’s Not The Point
08.01.12 Editorial: Cake – The Band You Still Take For Granted
07.31.12 Editorial: Boots In Transit: An Appreciation of the Dead on Cassette (by James Jackson Toth)
06.18.12 Editorial: Eulogy for the Living: Hollie Stevens
06.14.12 Editorial: Happy Father’s Day, Year Two
06.01.12 Editorial: Album Joy
05.31.12 Editorial: DeadJournalist Needs You
05.25.12 Editorial: Beer, A Brief Personal History
05.15.12 Editorial: Technology The Tempest
04.06.12 Editorial: Baseball Cards and Music Blogs
04.03.12 Editorial: Vacationphobia
03.19.12 Editorial: RIP Furman Bisher
02.26.12 Editorial: Happy Birthday, John R. Cash
01.06.12 Editorial: Atlanta, The Worst Sports City In America: A Response
01.01.12 Editorial: Survey Results, 2011 Review and the Future

12.18.11 Editorial: What I Liked About 2011 – Songs
12.16.11 Editorial: What I Liked About 2011 – Albums
11.24.11 Editorial: Cornbread Dressing and Live Music Videos
10.17.11 Editorial: Best Country Class: 1986 or 1989?
09.10.11 Editorial: My Memories from September 11
09.06.11 Editorial: A Few Thoughts on Criminal Records
09.01.11 Editorial: And Ode to Jill Becker
07.14.11 New Parent Must-Haves
06.19.11 Editorial: Me, A Dad? Really?
06.13.11 Editorial: The End of Paper Crane Collective
05.15.11 Editorial: Wonderfully Depressing, Part 1 (also on Paper Crane Collective)
05.01.11 Editorial: Support Tornado Relief
04.17.11 Editorial: Saying Goodbye to The Stills (also for Paper Crane Collective)
04.04.11 Editiorial: LCD Soundsystem, Dum Dum Girls, Elvis and … Lazlo Bane? (for Paper Crane Collective)
03.27.11 Editorial: Walk-out Music
03.21.11 Editorial: Musical Mythbusting (for Paper Crane Collective)
03.15.11 Editorial: NXNorthside Not SXSW
03.12.11 Editorial: What I’ve Learned, So Far
03.07.11 Editorial: Various and Sundry Debut on Paper Crane Collective (for Paper Crane Collective)
02.26.11 Editorial: Who Was Your First?
02.12.11 Editorial: Does Freedom Equal Death?
01.28.11 Editorial: Challenger Lost
01.22.11 Editorial: The Best Mixtape Ever (According To 1996 Me)
01.10.11 Editorial: I Got A Snow Day, Finally
01.08.11 Editorial: Music Saves (by Lance Burson)
01.03.11 Editorial: Let’s Talk About Tom T. Hall

12.18.10 Editorial: No, No, No! You’ve Got It All Wrong!
12.12.10 Editorial (or Album Review)? – Pretty Hate Machine
12.11.10 Editorial: What I Liked About 2010
12.04.10 Editorial: I Like Music
11.27.10 Editorial: An Island In The Sun
11.24.10 Editorial: Thanks For Something (Moving Forward)
10.24.10 Editorial: Editorial Change on MP3’s?
10.17.10 Editorial: Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (Since I Did Not Kill Bradford Cox)
10.01.10 Editorial: Constant Bobby (No Thanks to Fox)
09.01.10 Editorial: Free, Ain’t
08.24.10 Editorial: Those Sad, Country Songs
08.10.10 Editorial: Staring At The Sky
06.22.10 Editorial: Maybe You Can Go Home Again
06.03.10 Editorial: Dial 1 for Content
04.27.10 Editorial: Baseball Silences The Scribe
04.26.10 Editorial: Cooling Off Chillwave
04.14.10 Editorial: Melted Crayons
04.05.10 Editorial: Just Being A Kid (Just Say J-Hey)
03.30.10 Editorial: Summer of ‘93
03.13.10 Editorial: Re-Thinking Baseball in Seven Steps
02.16.10 Editorial: The Curious Case of the Missing ’90s
02.10.10 Editorial: Is Google Blowing Up the Blog-o-Sphere?
01.12.10 Editorial: We and Steroids McGee

12.26.09 Editorial: No Best of Lists for Me
12.11.09 Editorial: Adios, Amigo
11.24.09 Editorial: This Ain’t No Thank Piece
10.21.09 Editorial: Kyle Keyser and the Atlanta Mayoral Race
08.23.09 Editorial: Third Eye Blind – Everyone Has A Story (Or Two)

12.17.07 Editorial: Wikipedia’s McCarthyism
11.17.07 I Believe in Consonants: My Life Without An iPod


12.22.06 Editorial: Final Friday

12.20.03 – Editorial: Americana Lost

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